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Dragon for Healthcare

In today’s medical environment, where clinical notes and reports quality and timeliness are essential to overall patient care, healthcare professionals are searching for ways to streamline their activities and improve their efficiency and performance. Many medical practitioners, clinicians and consultant surgeons are embracing the latest speech recognition and digital dictation solutions to give them the edge by speeding up the documentation process, lowering administrative and medical transcription costs.

Qualified medical transcriptionists are a hard to find resource, the cost of manual reporting / transcription is growing, the result is clinicans are are under increased pressure to:

  • Deliver results more efficiently
  • Deliver timely and well documented results

See Dragon Medical in Action:


Dragon Medical Practise Edition is the answer, a mature and well-proven product which delivers excellent results to customers throughout the medical sector. By far the number one speech recognition solution in healthcare today with the technology used by over 180,000 doctors worldwide to document clinical records and dictate correspondence. With Dragon Medical clinicians can dictate diagnostic patient information immediately after a consultation faster and easier than by hand, produce and send vital letters to consultants immediately following consultation.

Dragon Medical can deliver:

  • Improved quality of patient care
  • More complete documentation
  • Faster results delivery
  • Reduction in transcription overhead costs
  • Accelerated turnaround time of documentation / reports / referrals
  • Increase the productivity and satisfaction of your clinicians / physicians
  • Aid health professionals in reporting once only, with less time on reviewing / correcting transcribed documents

Works with your EHR

Dragon can be used to dictate directly into a variety of applications, including Microsoft word documents, emails, spreadsheets and healthcare applications such RIS / PACS / LIS and commonly used Practice Management Software:

  • MedTech32, HoustonVIP, Incisive, MyPractise
  • Kestral Karisma RIS
  • Sysmex Delphic AP, LabSolutions

Dragon Medical is the fastest, most cost-effective path to clinician EHR / PMS adoption, better care, and greater physician satisfaction.
To find out more about this product go here.

NZ Doctors endorse it

"I run a busy specialist medical practice. I dictate anywhere between 30 and 70 pages of letters a week; and I do a substantial amount of medico legal work which requires the drafting of reports that on average run to about five or six pages of dictated A4 text...A test run on Dragon showed that the system was able to replicate my dictation accurately with very little training... I have not employed a typist since. I recovered the cost of the system within about 6 weeks."
Peter Blake FRACS

"I have been using your Dragon software for a number of years in my general medical practice. I am extremely satisfied with this product, and very impressed with the ease-of-use and accuracy.  I use the product all day, every day to dictate clinical notes, referral letters to specialists and hospital clinics and internal and external e-mail. Because of the speed and ease-of-use my medical records are more detailed and accurate.  Referral letters are a breeze... I am not using the services of a typist at all. This product has undoubtedly increased my productivity, and I am able to get more work done in less time."
Dr C J P Leathart
Bishopdale Medical – Christchurch

Dragon suits your individual clinical workfow

Some clinicians still prefer to use secretarial support to finalise documents or ensure the letters are entered into the correct patient record before disbursement. Dragon Medical integrates with the most widely used digital transcription products used in NZ today:

This offers the flexibility of back-end (completely transparent to clinicans) or front-end (authors use speech recognition directly) workflow, or a combination of both. 
These improvements resolve the issues that have restricted the use of speech recognition in some healthcare working environments.

Front-end Speech Recognition

  • Authors can create their own documents inside or independent to the dictation software using a Philips SpeechMike or headset microphone.
  • Documents can then be self-edited (for minor corrections), or sent to a typist for correcting as requried.
  • Speech Recognition is also available outside of the dictation software for dictating emails etc...

Back-end Speech Recognition

  • Completely transparent to the author - they do not even need to know speech recognition is being used.
  • Dictation is transcribed in the background and the typist is presented with a draft document, ready for correction.
  • Typist can correct mistakes using keyboard and foot-pedals as normal.
  • Predefined templates can be used, or the typist can simply copy and paste text into other applications.
  • Corrections are fed back into the speech recognition system to improve the accuracy of future transcription.

For more information on Dragon used with digital dictaion integration look here:

All prices listed in New Zealand dollars excluding 15.00% GST
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