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Dragon with Digital Dictation

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Dragon with Digital Dictation

Dragon with Digital Dictation

Dragon is most widely used for direct transcription onto the screen via a microphone for immediate editing and correction by the author. However- Dragon also offers great productivty and efficiency benefits for those more comfortable with the traditional author / transcriptionist workflow or needing to dictate away from their PC.  Dragon is now fully integrated with the most widely used digital dictation systems used within the NZ market.

Many corporate and medical clients are investing in these combined packages to meet workflow and transcription needs.

When working with digital dictation solutions, Dragon is used as a tool to reduce the ratio of recorded audio to transcribed document turn around time (TAT).
Traditional transcription has a TAT ratio of 1:4 (1 minute of recording takes 4 minutes to transcribe).
Dragon can reduce this by 15-25% bring the TAT ratio down to 1:3 or even 1:2.

Adapt Dragon to your documentation workflow

Dragon is fully integrated for ease of use with the following widely used digital dictation software:


All allow the following approaches:

Front-end Speech Recognition

  • Authors can create their own documents inside or independent to the dictation software using a digital recorder, handheld or headset microphone.
  • Documents can then be self-edited (for minor corrections), or sent to a typist for correcting as requried.
  • Speech Recognition is also available outside of the dictation software for dictating emails etc...

Back-end Speech Recognition

  • Completely transparent to the author - they do not even need to know speech recognition is being used.
  • Dictation is transcribed in the background and the typist is presented with a completed document, ready for correction.
  • Typist can correct mistakes using keyboard and foot-pedals as normal.
  • Predefined templates can be used, or the typist can simply copy and paste text into other applications.
  • Corrections are fed back into the speech recognition system to improve the accuracy of future transcription.

Using speech recognition software to input text can substantially reduce the TAT over traditional transcription.









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