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The professional SpeechMike USB microphone takes stationary dictation to a new level. It delivers excellent speech recognition capabilities, an antimicrobial surface for improved hygiene and refned ergonomics for convenient operation.

Superior audio quality

  • Noise-canceling microphone for accurate speech recognition results
  • Integrated sound card and speaker ensuring crystal clear playback

Enhance your productivity

  • Comfortable ergonomic design for one-thumb operation
  • Antimicrobial surface for active bacteria reduction and improved hygiene

Designed for professionals

  • Available with Philips SpeechExec professional dictation software
  • Geared for Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software
  • Can be fully integrated into existing workfow systems

Product Highlights

Superior audio quality

The advanced microphone design and an optimized frequency response rate cater for the best speech recognition results.

Antimicrobial surface

The antimicrobial surface is important for use in a clinical environment. This feature was achieved by adding a substance to the plastic that impedes the reproduction of microorganisms and thus improves hygiene.

Ergonomic zones design

Designed with three ergonomic zones, it has been tested and proven by users for most comfortable fit in the human hand.The dictation zone is optimized to keep thumb movement to a minimum and allows for blind operation. The buttons needed for the actual dictation functions take up the greatest amount of space in the central area of the device. Less frequently needed function buttons are clearly arranged above and below.

The trackball uses a laser sensor that allows precise cursor movements. It contains an integrated confrmation button for simple control of PC functions and can also be used to control playback volume.

Programmable function keys

Functions can be assigned to the buttons freely based on the individual preferences of users.

Geared for Dragon NaturallySpeaking

The SpeechMike is features preconfgured buttons for direct control of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, the voice recognition solution from Nuance.

Ready for integration

Philips provides a software development kit (SDK) for speech, ofce, and business application developers that allows for convenient programming of interfaces when integrating the SpeechMike into professional information and dictation solutions.

Model Comparison Chart


Action SpeechMike Premium SpeechMike III Legacy Models
Push-button LFH3500 LFH3200 LFH5274 & 5276
Slide-button LFH3510 LFH3210 LFH5262 & 5272
"Philips" slide action None LFH3220 LFH5260
Slide-button + Barcode LFH3610 LFH3310 LFH5282
Push-button + Barcode LFH3600  LFH3300  LFH5284



Audio output: 200mW
Microphone: Electret Condenser Microphone, uni-directional
Operation type: Push Button
PC & Mac-connectivity: USB Cable
What's in the box: SpeechMike
CD-ROM containing software and user manual
Quick start guide
$449.00 exc GST

All prices listed in New Zealand dollars excluding 15.00% GST
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