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The USB model Call Recorder is connected either directly to the USB port of the PC, or via a hub. The recorder records the sound digitally. If necessary, loudspeakers can be connected directly to the Soft Call Recorder for playback. The recorder can either be connected to the telephone receiver or to the telephone line (analogue lines), it detects the telephone ringing as well as going on or off hook when connected to the line. Up to six of these recorders can be connected to one PC, recording simultaneously from all lines.

A Soft Call Recorder ensures that your PC records every telephone call fully automatically. Recording your calls does not involve any action by yourself, so you can never forget to record a telephone conversation. Erasing the calls after the conversation, or at any later moment, is always possible. The software that comes with the Soft Call Recorder will automatically create a database in which all recordings can be retrieved. You can search on name, time and date, or duration of the conversation.
The software supplied has been specially developed to deal with and archive the large number of recordings made by the Soft Call Recorder. It offers the following functions:

Extensive select and search function: it is easy to make selections based on, for instance, name, date or telephone number.

Export and conversion routines: certain telephone calls or whole selections can be exported onto CD-ROM archive and/or converted into a PC-WAVE format that can be played on any PC. Ideal for when you want to send someone a call on a floppy or as an e-mail.

Presentation can be configured by the user: You can determine exactly how the software should present the data.

Product Highlights

Records telephone calls onto your PC

1 Gigabyte HDD space is enough for 240 hours of telephone calls; the only limit is how much space is in your PC

Can record from several lines at once

Extensive Select and Search function

High recording quality

Hardware, software and cables included

$599.00 exc GST

All prices listed in New Zealand dollars excluding 15.00% GST
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