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We offer a number of different solutions to suit a variety of requirements and environments. Our main offerings are the following:


Dragon NaturallySpeaking has been the worlds choice for speech recognition for many years. It is a mature and well-proven product which delivers excellent results to customers in a variety of environments and markets. As a standalone product, Dragon can be used to dictate directly into nearly all windows based applications, including Word documents, emails, spreadsheets and custom applications such as Patient Medical Systems.
Dragon has a full range to fit your specific business needs; Medical, Legal, Business Professionals and Academic.

Dragon also integrates with Philips SpeechExec, Winscribe and Olympus to provide a full digital dictation/speech recognition solution.

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WinScribe is a premium server-based workflow solution, developed in New Zealand and used around the world. Here in NZ, it is implemented in nearly every DHB, in many major law firms, and large government departments like the NZ Police nationwide.
With unparalled flexibility, Winscribe is the ultimate solution for use in enterprise environments.

Sound Business Systems also offers a hosted edition (SAAS) of Winscribe, suitable for smaller organisations looking to take advantage of the flexibility it offers.

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Philips Digital Dictation Solutions are built around the Philips SpeechExec Software suite. The solution allows an author to dictate anywhere using a Philips Voice Recorder, and then either download or email recordings to a typist for transcription. Alternatively, the author can dictate recordings in the office using a handheld Philips SpeechMike. The SpeechExec software manages the flow of dictation between the author and typist, automatically notifying the typist when jobs arrive, with the ability to add comments and set job priorities. The typist then transcribes the recording using foot controls to control playback.

New in v7.5 is full integration with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, offering both front-end and back-end speech recognition. This means an author can either correct their own speech recognition errors, or pass the transcribed document through to a typist for correction.

Suitable for small to medium sized dictation environments who don’t need to advanced workflow management that Winscribe provides.

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Which Product is Right for Me?

At first glance, many of the solutions we offer appear similar. There are important differences however, and we encourage you to contact us directly to discuss your requirements. The following table highlights some of the key differences between our solutions:

  Dragon NaturallySpeaking Philips SpeechExec Winscribe
Organisation Size Small to Medium (can be used in larger scale) Small to Medium Medium to Large Enterprise (cloud based solution available for small businesses)
Speech Recognition Dedicated SR for client-side authors (can be used as a transcription-aid) Client-side and transcription-side options using Dragon Integrated with Winscribe Speech Recognition for both client-side and server based as a transcription aid
Workflow Management Minimal but can work with most modern digital dictation software Good - for simple routing via network, emails, the internet Advanced rule based directing of work with multiple routing options
Technology Client-side application on authors PC Client-side application for author and typist Client-side application and Server-based system
Target Markets Medical, Legal, Government, Business, Academic Small law firms & medical centres, general business  Enterprise-wide solution, law firms, government departments, hospitals


All prices listed in New Zealand dollars excluding 15.00% GST
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