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Philips Digital Dictation Solutions are built around the Philips SpeechExec Software suite. The solution allows an author to dictate anywhere using a Philips Voice Recorder, and then either download or email recordings to a typist for transcription. Alternatively, the author can dictate recordings in the office using a handheld Philips SpeechMike. The SpeechExec software manages the flow of dictation between the author and typist, automatically notifying the typist when jobs arrive, with the ability to add comments and set job priorities. The typist then transcribes the recording using foot controls to control playback.

SpeechExec organises the workflow of dictation and resulting documents between author and transcriptionist, and provides clear information about the current status of dictation jobs. It is scalable to manage mutiple authors and transcription teams.

Philips Speech Exec overview:



The recent release of Philips SpeechExec v7 introduced some new and exciting features, including:

New Interface

A complete re-design of the user interface, including an additional display carousel view with foot-pedal navigation. The mini-player has also been improved with more intuitive controls.

Speech Recognition Integration

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional edition can now be fully integrated into the SpeechExec environment with the Speech Recognition Add-on Module. This offers the flexibility of back-end (completely transparent to authors) or front-end (authors use speech recognition directly) recognition, or a combination of both. These improvements resolve the issues that have restricted the use of speech recognition in may working environments:

Back-end Speech Recognition

  • Completely transparent to the author - they do not even need to know speech recognition is being used.
  • Dictation is transcribed in the background and the typist is presented with a completed document, ready for correction.
  • Typist can correct mistakes using keyboard and foot-pedals as normal.
  • Predefined templates can be used, or the typist can simply copy and paste text into other applications.
  • Corrections are fed back into the speech recognition system to improve the accuracy of future transcription.

Front-end Speech Recognition

  • Authors can create their own documents inside the SpeechExec software using a Philips SpeechMike or headset microphone.
  • Documents can then be self-edited (for minor corrections), or sent to a typist for correcting.
  • Speech Recognition is also available outside of the SpeechExec environment for dictating emails etc.

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